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Bespoke Artificial Boxwood Hedge New Generation UV & IFR

Bespoke Artificial Boxwood Hedge Installation

A Recent Artificial Boxwood Hedge Installation in Peckham, London Last week the replica landscapes team were in Peckham, London at the exciting new restaurant Meet District! Our team installed bespoke artificial boxwood hedges in GRP troughs and some mixed artificial planting internally. What were the clients requirements? The


Introducing a new range!

We are delighted to announce, we have introduced a new line to our ever expanding range of artificial plants! Made in Europe, the product range includes semi artificial plants that have been designed to improve the aesthetics of your space. Featuring natural tree trunks decorated with

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Real or Fake?

Artificial indoor plants from Replica Plants are high-quality products which look so lifelike you normally need to touch them, or inspect closely, to tell if they are real or not - we’re all guilty! Both real and artificial indoor plants have a role to play, depending on where you